Date of Birth: 1971
Education: B.S. in biology
Initial Interest for Art and Related Activities:
1983 – 1990, Calligraphy, Designing, Graphics
Initial Literary Activities: 1989
Initial Photographic Activities: 1992

-A member of faculty in Jahad University, Tehran, teaching photography
- Since 2002, founding member and in- charge of photography section of plastic art weekly "Tandis"
- Since 2002 participating member of Mahriz publication company in section of "eye" series of books
- Since 1996, in- charge of department of assemblies and societies of the Iranian Photographic Center

A part of Exhibition
Participation  more than 100 national and international arts festivals and photography exhibitions among which it could be mentioned:
- November 2009 , Photographic Exhibition titled:,Voice of vision, Speos gallery, Paris, France
- November 2009,  , Photographic Exhibition titled: Chroniques Orientales, HSBC galley, Paris, France
- September 2007, Exhibition titled: Manifestations of contemporary art in Iran, museum of contemporary art, Tehran, Iran
- May 2007, Iran art festival, Zaandam, The Netherlands
- January 2007,Cornell University Arts Museum, N.Y., USA
- October 2007, Michigan University Art Museum, ,Michigan, USA
- 20 Jan, 2006, Individual type Zangar Gallery, Tehran
- January 2006,  Arts Academy, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
- April  2006,  Arts Museum, Miami, OH, USA
- April  2006,  Maryland Arts Gallery, Maryland, MD,USA
- August 2006,  Arizona University, Arizona,AZ,USA
- November 2006, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA
- Nov.2006,Nessim Galleria Contemporary Photography,Iran Budapest
- Eye Gallery Dubia 2006
- 24 Dec,  2005, Group type, Arya Gallery, Tehran
- October 2005, Micolaysen in Museum, WY State, USA
- December 2004, Photographic exhibition in the European Union Exhibition Hall, Brussels, Belgium
- November 2004, Photographic Exhibition titled: "A look to Iranian women ", Brussels, Belgium
- November 2004, Paris Photo Exhibition, Paris, France
- April 2004, Photographic Exhibition titled: "Vis- à – Vis ", Dubai, U.A.E.- February 2004, Photographic Exhibition in Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
- November 2003, Photographic Exhibition in Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, UK
- July 2003, Photographic Exhibition in Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK
- February 2003, Photographic Exhibition in Catherine Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, USA
- February 2003, Photographic Exhibition in the Tart Museum, UK
- February 2003, Photographic Exhibition in the New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK- December 2002, Photographic Exhibition in Melina Mercury Gallery, Nicosia, Cypress
- November 2002, Photographic Exhibition in the Pictures Museum, Thessalonica, Greece
-2002, Photographic Exhibition in Edinburgh's hundred and fortieth International Exhibition
-2001, Photographic Exhibition titled "Regards Persians" in Electra Museum, Paris, France
-1997, Photographic Exhibition in the Fifth Polish Triennial Art Exhibition, Madjanka, Poland
-1996, Photographic Exhibition in the Second Iranian Photographic Biennial, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran in which I won the prize of FIAP blue Ribbon

Frontiers of Encounter/hak Publication/2003
Beyond the face/Blue Room Publication/2001
The ambiguos presence of meaning/Mahriz Publication/2000
The hairs shadow on the stone/ghoo Publication/2000
The pure presence/Mahriz Publication/1999
- Since 1994, Publication of Various interviews and articles on the topic of photographic in Iranian Press.
- Collaboration with the periodicals "Aks" and "Roodaki" Magazine

Various Activities:
Manager and establishment academy of visual art-Shayegan
Judge of the tenth biennale in part of  creative photography
- Participation in the jury of a number of Iranian Photographic Contests and Festivals

Books under Publication:
- The Ocean in the Guest Room (Purse)
- In the seclusion of the Eye and the insight (interviews and essay on photography)
- The Remaining One – the book of Death (an illustrated essay)

Attendance in international exhibitions and auctions:
- Bonhams auction modern and contemporary arab, Iranian, … art 24 november 2008 Dubai
- Sotheby`s auction modern and contemporary arab, Iranian art October 2008 London
- Bonhams auction photographs and orientalist art 13 April 2011 Dubai